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How You Can Help

Linn Benton Food Share

Community members form the backbone of our operation at Food Share. Individuals, families, school children, church members, businesses, service clubs, and civic organizations all donate food, time, or funds to Linn Benton food Share to ensure that food will be available to anyone in need. Community support and participation are essential in helping us achieve our mission, and your support is more important than ever in keeping shelves stocked, so no one in need is turned away. 

Here are ways you can help us make sure that “Everybody Eats!”

Donate to Food Share: Each tax deductible dollar donated to Food Share allows us to distribute up to 15 pounds of food.

The most effective way you can help eliminate hunger is to donate. Transporting, storing, repackaging and distributing food all takes money. Consider making a tax-deductible monthly donation. A monthly gift translates directly into food reaching people who need help.

“I think I’m like most people. We want to give something back to society and we want it to make a difference. What I find hard to fathom is that there actually are hungry people in our communities. But it is real and it exists-even here in Corvallis. That is why I chose Linn Benton Food Share as one of the non-profit groups that I donate to each month. I Linn Benton Food Shareknow that the check I write each month is going to feed hungry people in this area.”

Donate now! - Use your credit card to make a tax deductible donation now online.

Donate by mail. Send your check, payable to Linn Benton Food Share, to:

Linn Benton Food Share
545 SW 2nd Street, Suite A
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
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Donate Food or Equipment

Are you a business in the food or appliance industries? We work with farms, restaurants, appliance and restaurant supply stores, food processors, and markets who generously donate nutritious food for distribution to people in need, as well as equipment for our partner agencies.

“Linn Benton Food Share fits perfectly into our philosophy of giving because it affords us a vehicle in which to give any extra food products from our production processing plants. We are happy to contribute a variety of quality food items for redistribution to local people who can utilize the nutrition from these foods. To us, this means that all the food we produce will never be wasted.”

Call our office at 541-752-1010 or email for more information.

Sponsor the Fresh Alliance/Food Rescue Truck

Linn Benton Food Share is currently seeking business sponsorships for the Fresh Alliance/Food Rescue Program. Every month over 60,000 pounds of nonperishable, nutritious food – such as meat, milk, produce and dairy items – are picked up from local grocery stores and provided to food pantries and soup kitchens. If not for this program, the food would simply be thrown away.

Food Share operates a refrigerated vehicle, with a trained driver, to pick up donations from Corvallis and Albany stores (Ray’s Market, Fred Meyer, Albertsons and Walmart). Food safety regulations require strict temperature controls and added training for staff. Coupled with fuel prices, the continued operation of this program is in jeopardy and needs support. In this time of high demand for emergency food, Food Share must capture as much food as possible to address the needs of the communities served.

Sponsors receive recognition in all Linn Benton Food Share materials, as well as decal signs on the Food Share Fresh Alliance vehicle and at donation sites. Sponsorships for businesses start at $6,000 per year.

For more information regarding sponsorships, contact:

Ryan McCambridge
Food Share Director


Linn Benton Food Share relies on the hard work and enthusiasm of community volunteers engaged in various projects. There are many ways to help. Here are some of the opportunities for individuals, families, or groups to consider:

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact:

Susan James
Gleaning and Volunteer Programs Coordinator